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Passionate House Of Change Welcomes You


 I had the idea for Passionate House of Change at the age of sixteen. You know sixteen year olds do not know how to follow through with plans. When I was sixteen I knew, I wanted to help. I seen many people in need of a home in my neighborhood. From being a sixteen year old with an idea to a twenty-two year old with a passion and now presently twenty-three years old with a living the dream. Covid-19 gave me the time to prepare and sit down to come up with what makes Passionate House of Change a place full of compassion. My name is Mojarai Johnson the Founder and CEO of a dream realized. Let's spread the passion.

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Towards a More Promising Future


Passionate House Of Change is dedicated to spreading the message of hope and compassion. We think that a single action can have a significant impact on a community, and that collective action can have a significant impact on the world. Our team works relentlessly every day to contribute to the greater good through lobbying and outreach.

"Housing is a fundamental human right, everyone is entitled to it."

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